The Talentschmiede attaches great importance to protecting your personal data. Since both the protection of privacy and the protection of our business partners and customers is particularly important to us, we will treat your personal data in compliance with applicable data protection regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) confidential. Your data will neither be published nor passed to third parties. They serve us to keep you informed of our activities in your field of interest for project collaboration. This document illustrates the different information, that we receive from you, how we handle it and how you can change this information and can bring them up to date.

Data collection

Every web server automatically registers accesses to websites. When visiting our website, our web server for the purpose of system security temporarily records the domain name or IP address of the inquiring computer, the access date, the file name and the URL which you have accessed, the HTTP response code and the website, from which you visit us, and transferred during the connection bytes. This information is stored anonymously. Conclusions about your person or individual behaviour are not possible. Additional personal data is not collected unless you expressly provide this information during registration. We handle your data responsibly and in compliance with the statutory provisions.

Data use

We store Computer-related data to record trends and to compile statistics. These stored data also serve the purpose of identifying and tracking unauthorized attempts to access our web server. We create anonymised profile information about the use of our websites and only to improve user guidance and optimize the offer in relation to the interests of users. Personalised profiles how you surf the web or similar profiles are not generated or processed. We collect, store and process your personal data only insofar as this is necessary for the processing of inquiries or orders. To facilitate these tasks, a possible exchange of data takes place with a third party who is involved in the order process. Furthermore, we will not disclose your personal data to third parties; unless we are legally obligated because of legal regulations or if you expressly stipulate this yourself. We are pleased to inform you about our services and would also ask about this when appropriate. Subject to your objection, we may therefore create usage profiles under pseudonyms for the purposes of market research, advertising or the efficient design and organisation of services The personal information that you provide to us (e.g.: your name, address or e-mail address), are used by us for correspondence with you or solely for the purposes for which you provide us with the data. Again, we would like to use your address data to occasionally inform you about our products, services and innovations. Using your transmitted data, we can also contact by telephone or electronically for market research and advertising purposes or for a customer satisfaction survey.


To customize the site to your needs and to collect certain information, we use various technologies, i.a. Cookies. Cookies are used to facilitate internet use and communication. Cookies are small text files (max. 4KB in size) that our website sends to your browser and which are stored on your PC as an anonymous identifier. Purpose of these Cookies are the better controlling of the connection during your attendance on our web pages and a more effective support if you return to our web page. Without this temporary “intermediate storage”, already executed entries would have to be repeated for some applications. A cookie only contains the data issued by a server and / or the user upon request (e.g. structure: Information on domain, path, expiration date, cookie name and value). So cookies contain purely technical information, no personal data. A cookie can not spy disk. If you wish, you can restrict the storage of all cookies through your web browser or decide yourself via bulletin, whether you want to allow a storage or not. Not allowing cookies to be saved may have as a consequence that certain pages will not display correctly anymore.


By using our Website you consent to the described storage and use of your data. By entering your personal information, you consent to the described processing of the data and their use.

Your Rights / Contact

Of course we will inform you about the use of your provided personal data. You have a legal right to inspect any stored data concerning your person, and also the right to demand their correction or deletion, and to withdraw your consent for their further use. You can object to the use of data concerning you for promotional purposes at any time. We expressly point out that our employees are obliged to maintain confidentiality in accordance with BDSG. If you want information about the data or their correction or deletion, please send us an e-mail: For more details about our company please see our imprint.

Scope / Links

This privacy statement applies only to web pages falling under the responsibility of Talentschmiede Unternehmensberatung AG. Our web pages know linkages (English technical term: Contain left) to web pages of other enterprises. These links have been set, because we think that these sites could be of interest to you. On the design and content of these websites we have no influence and we can not control how the providers of linked websites handle your information so that our privacy statement and our responsibilities do not extend to their websites. If you have any questions, please contact these companies directly.

Timeliness of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is current. As far as the Talentschmiede introduces new services, changes internet procedures or if the Internet and IT security technology progresses, the updated Privacy Policy will be published here and is valid from the date of publication.

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