Tips for Applicants

What is important? – Follow our tips for your application!

Cover letter
In your cover letter, you should give us a first impression of yourself. You should explain why you are interested in the job advert and describe your own strengths.

Curriculum Vitae
In your CV, you describe your personal and professional career so far. A CV does not have to be written out in full: you can list the most salient information in the form of a table. As a hint: German CVs are not written in strict chronological order. However, the most recent professional experiences are usually placed at the beginning. Divide the CV up into the following categories:

Personal details: name, address, contact details
Professional experience: what companies have you already worked for? What did your work there consist of?
Education: which schools and universities did you attend? What were your final grades? What subjects did you study? Have you completed a vocational training course? Or, have you done any continuing education courses?
Language skills: what languages do you speak? How well do you speak them?
Special aptitudes and interests: For example, do you have any special skills that are important for your work?

Finally, include your certificates. Examples: certificates obtained during your vocational training, school-leaving and university degree, references from previous employers. Important: it is advisable to have your certificates translated into German or English so that we can understand your qualifications.

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